Black Liner Panel Makes A Splash With Car Wash Owners

Posted by Lee Drever on Nov 7, 2014 3:26:00 PM

WashTrends Looks At Quick Liner

QL-PanelOur friends at WashTrends Magazine always have their ears to the ground for innovation in the car wash industry.

It didn't take long for them, therefore, to hear what Zeev Josman was up to with his wash tunnel construction projects for Carwash Services of the Southeast and how Octaform was there to help.

Black is the New Black

Josman, during a wash tunnel remodel, decided to try something a little different with the ceiling by painting it black. This color, he soon found out, not only looked slick, it was practical.  


Rotating soft washes, as anyone knows, routinely flip soap and grime onto the ceilings. This grime, Josman observed, was a lot less noticeable on a black ceiling. A black ceiling therefore not only looked great, it stayed looking neat and clean.

Octaform Listened

Custom colors are nothing new for Octaform but when Zeev explained the idea to his regional sales manager, Steve Ehrenpreis, it didn't take long to start producing Quick Liner in black for the next Sparkle Express being built in the region.

Extruded from 100% virgin PVC, Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels are durable enough to stand up to the heat, moisture and chemicals of a modern car wash. Stocked and shipping now from locations across North America, Quick Liner can protect and beautify a brand new wash or renew your existing one.

Check out this month's issue of Wash Trends for the entire story...

An excerpt from WashTrends:

A New Solution for a Cleaner, Neater Wash Tunnel
Octaform listens to their clients

Read the entire article here in the October issue of WashTrends Magazine


Octaform Creates Innovative Product for their Clients

Looking for new solutions to improve your carwash? Maybe “black” ceiling panels from Octaform is the new fashion statement for your carwash. Carwash owners are always looking for ways to increase their profits. Creating a more welcoming environment is definitely one way of doing just that. And, of course, protecting and preserving your current investment is always important. Long- term performance should be part of a good business plan.

Innovative Idea Came From Carwash Services of the Southeast

Zeev Josman of Carwash Services of the Southeast was instrumental in introducing the use of “black” ceilings for the construction or remodeling of wash tunnels. During a carwash remodeling job, Josman made the decision to paint the ceiling of the tunnel black because he liked the look and he saw the practicality behind this idea—it would make it much easier to keep the ceiling clean. Carwash owners know all too well how easily ceilings collect grime produced by brushes and rollers. Realizing that black ceilings would definitely present a cleaner, neater appearance to a wash tunnel, Josman approached Octaform and requested they start offering black ceiling panels to their customers. The ideas has really taken off.


Octaform Responds to Customer Requests for Better Protection for Walls and Ceilings

“Early indications show that the black ceiling panel is finding excellent acceptance by early adapters,” says Octaform’s president, Dave Richardson. “As with any new product, there will be those who will embrace the new innovation and those who will wait and see. Once they realize the benefits, the uptake will be much faster. The black panels are most applicable to rotating soft washes that routinely flip dirt up on the ceiling of the tunnel, making it a challenging task to keep the ceiling clean. All our customers who have installed the black panels are extremely happy with the result.”

Sparkle Express Carwash Chose Black Ceiling Panels

“We chose Octaform panels for our newest location,” said Lee Richardson, owner of five Sparkle Express Carwashes in Georgia and South Carolina. “We had worked with their regional manager, Steve Ehrenpreis, in the past and appreciated not only his product but the level of customer service that he and Octaform provide.”

“We chose to use white panels on the walls and black on the ceiling because we have a top brush in our tunnel. Any operator will agree that a top brush makes a white ceiling an eyesore as a result of the dirt and chemicals slinging off the brush onto the ceiling,” continued Richardson. “We also have colored LED lights throughout our tunnel on several pieces of equipment, and the lights show up great against the black ceiling. Customers really like our bright tunnel!”...

Read the entire article here in the October issue of WashTrends Magazine


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Is Your Car Wash Haunted?

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 31, 2014 10:55:47 AM

Ford hit a home run this month with this great viral video...


We all love a good scare and Haunted Car Washes are starting to become a thing. Across the country, community groups are seizing the opportunity to catch some Halloween spirit while raising funds for some great causes.

A Michigan car wash offers up some frights for its patrons (Monroe News)

But what about the rest of the year? 

Are you scaring customers away?

Let's face it. It might be fun to get spooked at Halloween but if your walls are dark and dirty, you're not just scaring away customers, you're scaring away profits.

It doesn't take long for moisture and dirt to penetrate and stain the walls of this wash bay. 

So many consumer decisions are made in the blink of an eye and if your bays look rundown or even worse, unsafe, that decision may not end up in your favor. Female customers in particular, are always concerned with their personal safety.

A dark and dingy wash bay is unlikely attract them.


With Quick Liner Wall & Ceiling Panels, your bays can be brought back from the dead!


In stock and shipping now from multiple points across North America, Quick Liner fastens to your existing walls renewing and protecting your wash walls from the heat, moisture and chemicals of your car wash. It comes in a time-saving 18" wide panel and ships with the patented Octaform two-piece Snap-Trim system, meaning your finishing will be top-notch, no matter who does it.

Extruded from high quality PVC, Quick Liner instantly brightens and transforms your wash into an environment that you can be proud of. Legends Express in Plano, Texas used Quick Liner to line the walls of their new automatic wash. The bright, white walls & ceiling look fantastic and will continue to look this great for years to come.

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Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to rejuvinate your existing facility, 
Quick Liner can help!

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Black PVC Panels Line The Ceiling Of A New Car Wash

Posted by Lee Drever on Mar 21, 2014 1:05:00 PM

Last week, we showed you a great example of how customers are using Quick Liner to protect and beautify the walls and ceiling of their car washes. This week, we received a few shots of another tunnel; this one is a little different.

Sparkle Express

Sparkle Express Car Wash in Greenwood, South Carolina wanted to line their new wash with Quick Liner but they had one little request. For the ceiling, instead of the usual white, owner Lee Richardson requested black panels. We regularly ship panels in white, grey, tan and custom colors but black was actually a new one for us. 

As you can see, they look great!

Richardson was "extremely happy" with the panels and service and passed on these photos:

Balck PVC Panel In Car Wash


Black Ceiling Panels in Wash Tunnel


Car Wash PVC Panels In Black

Quick Liner Wall & Ceiling Panels instantly transform dark and dingy walls into a bright, clean and welcoming environment for your customers. Click below to see how Quick Liner can protect your facility from the heat, moisture and chemicals of a modern car wash.




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Wash Walls Look Great With PVC Liner

Posted by Lee Drever on Mar 14, 2014 1:27:00 PM

Check out these shots of a
recently completed wash tunnel in BC.


Ventana Construction just completed construction on a beautiful new Mazda dealership in BC. The showroom, as to be expected, is stunning.

Ventana's attention to detail, however, extended back into the shop as well. It is here that they used Octaform Quick Liner to line and protect the walls of the wash tunnel.

Here are a few photos...

Quick Liner at Auto Spa02
describe the image

Moisture, heat and chemicals all work to clean your vehicle but they can do a number on your walls.

Quick Liner at Auto Spa07

Quick Liner interlocks to create a barrier between your structure and the elements that would harm it.

Quick Liner at Auto Spa03
Quick Liner at Auto Spa09

It goes up quickly and with our new Snap-Trim System, your crew can finish in a fraction of the time required by conventional trim.

Quick Liner at Auto Spa12
Quick Liner at Auto Spa20

Octaform's PVC panels are food safe and can be used in barns, food processing facilities, or just about anywhere that requires a bright, clean environment.

Quick Liner at Auto Spa18

Quick Liner comes in up to 18" widths and because it is extruded from virgin PVC, its chemical resistance properties are well documented.

Quick Liner at Auto Spa11

If you have any questions about Quick Liner, give us a call at 1-888-786-6282.

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8 Photos From A State-Of-The-Art Egg Production Facility

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 25, 2013 2:24:00 PM

We dropped by Paragon Farms this week to check out the progress they've made on their newly rennovated poultry operation. They lined the walls and ceiling of their egg production facility with our Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels

Here are some photos:

Egg Production Facility

Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels fasten to your structure and instantly transform dark and dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fade and dirt.

Egg Production Facility

Extruded from food-grade PVC, Quick Liner can be used in food processing facilities, clean rooms and anywhere that biosecurity is important.

describe the image

PVC is easy to clean and will not support the growth of mold so you can stop being concerned about the health of your walls and think only about the health of your livestock.

Wall Liner In Cold Storage

Quick Liner meets all FDA requirements for food safety and is listed as an approved construction material by the CFIA.

Egg Production Facility

Paragon lined their halls and offices with Quick Liner as well. The panels are easy to clean but also help to create a bright and welcoming work environment.

Egg Production Facility

The egg conveyer and sorting system mounted easily through the PVC panels.

Egg Production Facility

The crew also utilized the full array of Quick Liner trim components. These finishing pieces look great but more importantly, they ensure that there are no corners for moisture or contaminants to accumulate in.

Egg Production Facility
Quick Liner comes in a time-saving 18" width and is stocked and ready to ship from locations across North America.

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Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

Posted by Thomas Belsheim on Sep 6, 2013 3:47:00 PM

Peter aka anemoneprojectors
photocredit: Peter aka anemoneprojectors

Where Canada's Farmers Meet

We are heading Woodstock, Ontario for Canada's Outdoor Farmshow.

Celebrating its 20th year in existence, Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is the largest outdoor agricultural show in the country. It offers  "one stop shopping" for farmers and highlights the most innovative and technologically advanced agr
icultural products and services available.
feature 20thAnniversary
Woodstock, Ontario
September 10-12
We will be there, showcasing our patented watertight PVC Wall Forming System and our newest product, Quick Liner.
Are you going to be there? Drop by and say hi to Robert in booth AB-7.

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New Funding to Help Ontario Agri-Food

Posted by Thomas Belsheim on Jul 5, 2013 3:03:00 PM

Dairy Cow

A new funding package will contribute 417 million to Ontario's agri-food industry. 

The governments of Canada and Ontario are working to help Ontario’s agri-food industry grow profits, expand markets and manage risk with the launch of a series of funding campaigns. The program, titled “Growing Forward 2”, is comprised of three separate funding initiates; Agriinnovation, AgriMarketing and AgriCompetitiveness.

The Agriinovation program is aimed at supporting new ideas, technology and transfer of knowledge within the food sector, with the goal of increasing the successful commercialization or adoption of agriculture, agri-food and agri-based innovations. Both the AgriCompetitiveness and AgriMarketing programs aim to increase the competitiveness of Canada’s agri-food sector by helping companies adapt to the volatile markets and emerging global and domestic opportunities. In total, the three separate campaigns under the Growing Forward Campaign will provide 417 million dollars in funding to the agriculture and food industry.

 “Agriculture is a major contributor to a healthy economy in Ontario and across Canada. These Growing 2 Forward programs will ensure that Ontario farmers and food processors have the tools they need to remain competitive and innovative in new existing markets” said Gerry Ritz, Minister, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Click Here To Protect Your Barn Walls From Corrosion, Grime and Rot

Launched on June 26th, funding is now available that will aid Ontario farmers and food processors in identifying strategic priorities, expanding markets, and managing risks.

The program is expected to significantly benefit the food and beverage industry in Ontario. “This is exactly what’s needed for food and beverage processors to push ahead on innovative projects, new product development, .. workforce training and productivity advances,” said Steve Peters, director of the Alliance of Ontario Food Processors.

The support will help small-to-medium sized processors that comprise more than 90 per cent of the 3,000 processor businesses in Ontario.

Ontario’s agri-food industry contributes more than $34 billion to the Ontario’s gross domestic product and provides more than 710,000 jobs. 



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Wall & Ceiling Panel Installation (Photos)

Posted by Lee Drever on Jun 28, 2013 4:06:00 PM

A local poultry processor recently selected Quick Liner for its facility upgrade. They chose our 18" wide panel (a full 6" wider than most in the industry) to cut installation times. 

Here are a few photos of the install in progress; we will post more as we get them!

PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

DSC 0132

PVC Panels Fasten to Wall

DSC 0146

Ceiling Panel Being Installed
To learn more about Quick Liner go here.

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