TV Tank Builders Go Big With Octaform

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 22, 2014 2:44:00 PM

Tanked Builders

Largest Tank Yet For Animal Planet Show

On a weekly basis, the folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing build some of the strangest and most extravagant custom aquariums in the world. Their work can be seen in zoos, casinos, theme parks and for four seasons now, on their own television show, 'Tanked'. 

Tracy Morgan On Tanked
Comedian, Tracy Morgan reacts to his custom tank on a previous episode. 
Airing in the United States & Canada on Animal Planet, 'Tanked' follows brothers-in-law, Wayde King and Brett Raymer as they tackle some of the most unique and challenging tank projects in the world. 

When faced with the challenge of building a 250,000 gallon set of connecting shark tanks for a new Florida aquarium, they turned to Octaform to form and protect the concrete walls.

Featuring this week on the show (The episode, 'Pipe Dreams' airs Friday, October 24 on Animal Planet), this set of tanks is the centerpiece for the brand new Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

A truly immersive experience, these tanks let visitors get right in the water with with exotic marine creatures to 'experience the thriving ecosystem in the aquarium environment'. Oh, and one more thing... YOU CAN FEED THE SHARKS. 

Take a look...



Building this 'experience' called for two watertight concrete tanks separated by an acrylic divider. The tanks needed to be durable and but they also needed to accomodate the unique design and openings that were crucial to the experience of the visitors brave enough to enter the tanks and the ones that prefer to stay dry. For this they chose Octaform Finished Concrete Forms (FCF).

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Octaform FCFs form and protect concrete in one step. The smooth, food-safe panels assemble on site and are filled with concrete. The forms then remain in place protecting the concrete with a built-in PVC membrane that is watertight and fish friendly. 

Watertight Concrete Tanks
The two Octaform tanks are assembled on site. Concrete is poured into the PVC forms that stay in place protecting the walls and the marine life. 


Octaform formwork is particularly suited for aquaculture tanks but it is also used to form and protect concrete in many of the most challenging environments in the world from applications in agriculture and biogas to food processing and car washes


'Tanked' featuring Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters 
airs Friday, October 24 on Animal Planet

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Aquarium Creates An Immersive Experience With New Octaform Tanks

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 2, 2014 4:38:00 PM

Shark Tank Built With Octaform
Photos: floridakeysaquariumencounters.com

Swimming With Sharks In Florida

Florida-based aquarium suppliers, Dynasty Marine Associates have learned that building better doesn't always come with a higher price tag.

Aquaculture Tank Construction

When Dynasty Marine began planning an expansion of their tropical marine habitat, their director, Forrest Young knew that concrete was the way to go. With over 30 years of fish-collecting and aquarium keeping under his belt, the leader of Team Dynasty understood that concrete would be tough enough to withstand the daily rigours of marine husbandry but price, ultimately, had to be considered. 

Concrete tanks, while longer lasting than their fibreglass counterparts, often come with extra considerations and expenses such as liners, sealants and formwork. It was only after a conversation with Steve Ehrenpreis at Octaform, that Mr. Young saw that he could build better and still stay within his budget."We wanted concrete tanks but did not think the cost would fit into our budget," said Young.

"Steve helped us determine the costs for concrete tanks with the Octaform forming system and we found that they were very affordable,“  continued Young.

Tank Walls Of Aquarium Tank

With Octaform, Steve explained, they could eliminate many of the costs associated with conventional construction.

Octaform is a stay-in-place concrete forming system that assembles quickly without specialized labor or heavy equipment. Extruded from food-grade, potable water safe PVC, it forms and protects concrete in one step. 

This built-in, easy-to-clean, PVC membrane not only protects the fish; it protects the tank walls. Octaform snaps together to form a watertight barrier between the tank and the concrete protecting it from moisture and other corrosive elements. 

While Octaform had never been specified as a tropical habitat before, the team at Dynasty were able to look at recirculating aquaculture systems across the globe that used the system. From Saudi Arabia to Japan, Norway and the United States, Octaform tanks are used to grow everything from salmon to barramundi in some of the most simple and some of the most complex aquaculture systems in the world.

Concrete Aquarium Tanks

With Steve's help, Dynasty Marine saw that Octaform was not just better than the fibreglass alternative, it fit the budget.

Using Octaform Finished Concrete Forms, Team Dynasty formed and protected two round, 10 ft high, insulated tanks joined by one straight, shared wall. The tanks, painted aquamarine blue, are now the centerpiece of newly opened, Aquarium Encounters in the Florida Keys.


Aquarium Encounters
offers a truly immersive experience for its vistors who are invited to actually get in the tanks with the marine creatures and be a part of the action in the thriving ecosystem that exists in the aquarium environment. 

Visitors get up close with tropical fish, sting-rays and (as seen in the video below) they can even feed the sharks.

Dynasty Marine Associates, Inc. supply sustainably caught tropical fish to public aquariums, research institutions and pet stores worldwide. They are a USDA supervised facility and are active members in the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA), the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC), and the Animal Transportation Association (ATA). They dedicate 15% of their annual operating budget to the active conservation of marine resources.

Octaform is a PVC, stay-in-place concrete forming system that is ideal for the construction of high performance structures like vehicle washes, barns or commercial buildings. Because the built-in finish is watertight and food-safe, it is also ideal for tank construction. Whether it is for aquaculture, biogas or even manure containment, Octaform is a superior yet economical choice.  

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Onsite with Octaform: Millbrook Biogas Project

Posted by Thomas Belsheim on Jun 13, 2013 4:56:00 PM

Welcome to a new segment titled "Onsite with Octaform". This segment will highlight the ability of Octaform to solve its customer’s most difficult problems. 

Bringing biogas technology to Canada: CCS-agriKomp 


Biogas Tank Ontario
Octaform worked with CCS-Agrikomp, a joint venture between a Canadian based Carbon Control Systems and German based AgriKomp, to supply the forming system to build an Anaerobic Digester in Millbrook, Ontario.

Traditional construction methods for biogas rely on an unprotected concrete tank with an epoxy coating to cover the gasline. CCS-Agrikomp knew this construction method was insufficient for the long term, as A.D. chemicals degrade the structural integrity of concrete overtime. CCS-Agrikomp approached Octaform because they wanted to build a concrete based digester and needed a protective lining that would stand the test of time. 

Project Overview

Build Date: August 2010

Contractor: CCS-agriKomp

Location: Ontario, Canada

Project: 100 kilowatt Anaerobic Digestion System and generator house

Time of Construction:  24 days

Size:  ID: 131 ft  H: 19.7 ft

Wall Area: 7,426 SqFt 

The watertight forms provided the protective barrier between the concrete and the feedstock. This eliminated the ongoing need to epoxy coat a steel or concrete tank

In addition, CCS-AgriKomp chose to build with the Octaform System because of the ease of assembly.

Octaform panels don’t require special trades to assemble and that was a huge cost savings to us.”  - Chris Ferguson.  

The monolithic design of the
Octaform system significantly reduces construction timeframes. 

CCS February 27,2012 39The digester and generator house were built within 4 weeks by the staff of CCS-agriKomp under the direction of Octaform’s Field Services Technician. Today CCS-agriKomp offers farmers plant tours, and turnkey services that include the consulting, planning, construction and commissioning services.




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Brits to Study Canadian Biogas Tech

Posted by Thomas Belsheim on Jun 7, 2013 4:38:00 PM

 cowsPhoto credit: newagecrap

British based Harper Adams University has received a grant to study a made-in-Canada manure treatment technology. 


Recently, Livestock Water Recycling Inc. (LWR) announced that its innovative, patent-pending manure management technology, will be studied by British based Harper Adams University. The project will evaluate the technical and economic benefits of LWR's system and its ability to successfully treat digestate from anaerobic digestion.

Harper Adams received funding under the UK WRAP- Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) project. The DIAD project is aimed at identifying and developing technologies and solutions for the improvement of the anaerobic digestion process. The approved project, titled Re-cycling Nutrients and Water from Digestate (ReNWD), will be completed in June. 

In the process of anaerobic digestion, the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen produces heat, electricity and a byproduct known as digestate. Digestate is a mixture of nutrients and water which can be used as fertilizer. LWR's technology helps produce more valuable digestate through recycling water and concentrating nutrients. 

Scott Kirby, who is responsible for commercial farming operations at Harper Adams, is the project lead for ReNWD. Scott has toured LWR's headquarters in Calgary, AB and operating system sites in Manitoba and New York. Ross Thurston, President of LWR is confident that this study will, "create awareness of this new innovative technology and how it can aid livestock operations in effectively treating their effluent in an environmentally sustainable way".

In operation since 2011, Harper Adams 5 million dollar anaerobic digestion facility, utilizes dairy slurry, pig slurry and food waste to save approximately 13,000 tones of C02 per year, while using digestate for the University's farm and ground operations.

The collaboration between LWR and Harper Adams is part of a growing trend towards innovative technology creating an efficient biogas process. Such technology has recently been featured on this blog including Solutions4C02's Integrated Biogas Refinery technology.  Technological innovations by Solutions4C02 and LWR are key to making biogas a mainstay in North America. 

About LWR 

LWR is a Canadian-based environmental company which provides sustainable manure treatment technology for the livestock industry. The technology has been awarded a Canadian patent and is patent-pending in seven other countries around the world. LWR currently has operations throughout Canada and the US. The company’s manure treatment system can be placed at hog, dairy, and AD operations. For more information, please visit www.livestockwaterrecycling.com 

About Harper Adams University
Harper Adams University is located in Newport Shropshire, UK and it is the UK’s largest center of higher education for rural, land, animal, and food based studies. The University is renowned internationally for the quality of its education, applied research professional short courses and conferences. Over 640 hectares of land is owned by the University and is used to study large-scale commercial farming. For more information, please visit www.harper-adams.ac.uk 

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