Is Your Car Wash Haunted?

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 31, 2014 10:55:47 AM

Ford hit a home run this month with this great viral video...


We all love a good scare and Haunted Car Washes are starting to become a thing. Across the country, community groups are seizing the opportunity to catch some Halloween spirit while raising funds for some great causes.

A Michigan car wash offers up some frights for its patrons (Monroe News)

But what about the rest of the year? 

Are you scaring customers away?

Let's face it. It might be fun to get spooked at Halloween but if your walls are dark and dirty, you're not just scaring away customers, you're scaring away profits.

It doesn't take long for moisture and dirt to penetrate and stain the walls of this wash bay. 

So many consumer decisions are made in the blink of an eye and if your bays look rundown or even worse, unsafe, that decision may not end up in your favor. Female customers in particular, are always concerned with their personal safety.

A dark and dingy wash bay is unlikely attract them.


With Quick Liner Wall & Ceiling Panels, your bays can be brought back from the dead!


In stock and shipping now from multiple points across North America, Quick Liner fastens to your existing walls renewing and protecting your wash walls from the heat, moisture and chemicals of your car wash. It comes in a time-saving 18" wide panel and ships with the patented Octaform two-piece Snap-Trim system, meaning your finishing will be top-notch, no matter who does it.

Extruded from high quality PVC, Quick Liner instantly brightens and transforms your wash into an environment that you can be proud of. Legends Express in Plano, Texas used Quick Liner to line the walls of their new automatic wash. The bright, white walls & ceiling look fantastic and will continue to look this great for years to come.

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Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to rejuvinate your existing facility, 
Quick Liner can help!

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Building Better Barns Gives Farmers an Edge (Video)

Posted by Lee Drever on Feb 22, 2012 9:01:00 AM

Octaform has long been a building material of choice for agriculture. Barn walls constructed with the Octaform concrete forming system are easy to clean, look great and can even lower insurance costs.

Furthermore, no cranes, expensive forming equipment, or specialized trades are required to build with Octaform. Given the option, many farmers have been keen to build a premium concrete structure with the tools, labour and materials already available to them. 

Better Hog Barns Reduce Costs

Today, sophisticated farmers are also noticing that Octaform offers many other advantages. Hog farmers in Minnesota, known for its extreme seasonal temperatures, have realized that by building their barns with Octaform, they are using less energy to heat and cool the facilities. Furthermore, they are getting hogs to market faster. During periods of extreme heat, hogs will at best, eat less and grow slowly. At worst, they suffer from stress, fight and sometimes die. 

Octaform, they claim, eliminates this problem. Not only are the hogs less stressed by swings in temperature, they are happier and they grow faster, increasing speed to market.

Tour Some State-of-the-Art Pig Barns:

Minnesota Farmers talk about their state-of-the-art finishing barns.

Octaform barns are also easy to clean and almost impenetrable by outside threats such as disease-carrying rodents. This environment almost certainly reduces the need for chemical pest control, antibiotics or other medical treatment often necessitated by conventional wooden structures.


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