TV Tank Builders Go Big With Octaform

Posted by Lee Drever on Oct 22, 2014 2:44:00 PM

Tanked Builders

Largest Tank Yet For Animal Planet Show

On a weekly basis, the folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing build some of the strangest and most extravagant custom aquariums in the world. Their work can be seen in zoos, casinos, theme parks and for four seasons now, on their own television show, 'Tanked'. 

Tracy Morgan On Tanked
Comedian, Tracy Morgan reacts to his custom tank on a previous episode. 
Airing in the United States & Canada on Animal Planet, 'Tanked' follows brothers-in-law, Wayde King and Brett Raymer as they tackle some of the most unique and challenging tank projects in the world. 

When faced with the challenge of building a 250,000 gallon set of connecting shark tanks for a new Florida aquarium, they turned to Octaform to form and protect the concrete walls.

Featuring this week on the show (The episode, 'Pipe Dreams' airs Friday, October 24 on Animal Planet), this set of tanks is the centerpiece for the brand new Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

A truly immersive experience, these tanks let visitors get right in the water with with exotic marine creatures to 'experience the thriving ecosystem in the aquarium environment'. Oh, and one more thing... YOU CAN FEED THE SHARKS. 

Take a look...



Building this 'experience' called for two watertight concrete tanks separated by an acrylic divider. The tanks needed to be durable and but they also needed to accomodate the unique design and openings that were crucial to the experience of the visitors brave enough to enter the tanks and the ones that prefer to stay dry. For this they chose Octaform Finished Concrete Forms (FCF).

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Octaform FCFs form and protect concrete in one step. The smooth, food-safe panels assemble on site and are filled with concrete. The forms then remain in place protecting the concrete with a built-in PVC membrane that is watertight and fish friendly. 

Watertight Concrete Tanks
The two Octaform tanks are assembled on site. Concrete is poured into the PVC forms that stay in place protecting the walls and the marine life. 


Octaform formwork is particularly suited for aquaculture tanks but it is also used to form and protect concrete in many of the most challenging environments in the world from applications in agriculture and biogas to food processing and car washes


'Tanked' featuring Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters 
airs Friday, October 24 on Animal Planet

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